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Welcome aboard!

Welcome to the web site of Top sail Ltd.
This site is for the sea-adventure lovers. Here you will find interesting and valuable information about the Sail training vessel Royal Helena, where you could feel the thrill of sailing the way people used to in the past, before the modern motor vessels were found out.

The Company

TOP SAIL Ltd is founded in 2007 with main activity in the field of tourist services and practical sail training It is the owner of the sail training vessel Royal Helena – the three mast barquentine, which might become one of the signs of the city of Varna.

In the company work specialists with long-term experience and they all are ready to give their best in order to make your sailing dreams come true.



The main activity of the company Top sail Ltd. is to introduce sailing to more people by organizing of training with duration of one day trip or long term cruises.

On board the barquentine Royal Helena could be organized different events like company or private parties, team building, weddings and many others, which will create a special bond between you and the sea.

The ship could be chartered for one-day or longer trips. In the one-day trips can participate up to 100 people and for the longer cruises we have 47 berths on board. The ship is chartered with the crew. The route of the journey can be planned with our help according to your wishes.



The company had set itself the noble task of promoting sailing to people of all ages but mostly it aims at building up a spirit of love for the sea in the young people’s hearts. This is a marvelous way to get close to nature. When sailing, people learn collaboration, responsibility and mutual aid.